Community™ Market

Unparalleled Reach, Depth of Insight

To attract, retain, and engage top talent, you need a well-defined strategy and a clear policy, together with robust market data. Birches Group’s Community™ Market Salary Surveys provides comprehensive labor market data in over 150 countries, as well as compensation policy expertise tailored to meet your competitive market position.

Compensation Policy and Salary Structures

Community Market provides the data — the raw ore — to build a salary structure based on your policy parameters. Birches Group helps clients design, build, and maintain salary structures that enable you to access your talent market.

“Our project involved over 400 employees in 16 countries in under two years. We would not have been successful if not for the technical expertise and support from Birches Group. They were with us each step of the way.”

— Helen Moon, Director Human Resources, Right to Play and Pay Right Project Manager

What Community™ Market Can Do For You

Community™ Market provides compensation and benefits surveys in over 150 countries, enabling organizations to design total rewards aligned with your market.  Our surveys use Community™ Jobs as the foundation for matching jobs and presenting the survey results.

Our salary surveys apply a consistent approach, focusing on leading employers that set market trends, using total compensation to capture a wide variety of compensation elements, grade level data to provide context and flexibility, and reliable job matching in over 150 countries.

The Right Position in the
Right Market

Our salary surveys include a custom cut where you can select a smaller group of comparable organizations which will serve as the basis for your target market position.

Compensation Policy

Our Birches Group founders have had decades of experience, working with organizations from every sector around the world, to provide the expertise you need to create the right policy that will guide local compensation strategies.

Compensation Design

We believe that proper salary scale design must be tailored to each organization’s unique needs, aligning it with the local market and compliant with corporate policy and compensation objectives.

Community™ Market Products and Services

Our Community™ Market services are designed with developing markets in mind. Developing markets are dynamic and complex.  Our surveys use a flexible approach to capture the wide array of total compensation practices across all sectors and jobs. Our expertise in developing markets also frames our approach to compensation policy development and compensation design.

Compensation &
Benefits Surveys

Our compensation and benefits surveys provide information that ensure pay practices are aligned with the local market conditions.

Compensation Policy

Organizations need a compensation policy to guide their strategies. We can help develop a compensation policy that will suit your unique needs and market.

Salary Scale Design

Our approach to scale design seeks to balance and harmonize market position with a refined internal progression of pay.

Build the Right Compensation Program That Fits Your Organization

If you’re not sure where your compensation compares within your organization and the broader market,
the Community™ platform and the experts behind it are here to help.