See Our Strategic Partners

Our key relationships with other organizations help us expand our opportunities with our clients and those of our partner organizations

Our Partners Are Global

Our strategic partners have offices around the world, helping us keep tabs on our international community as well as new offerings for our clients.

Collaborate with Us

We collaborate with local human resources associations, chambers, and consultants that seek to provide innovative talent management solutions to their network of clients or members, allowing us to bring our expertise to organizations in need.

“We looked at all those aspects, [and] those were important to us…the Secretariat is very small, the resources are few, and we have found that forming a strategic partnership, you’re able to extend your wings and your services to our members. And that’s most important for us…bringing that value-added service and access to our members.”

– Yorshabell Cattouse, Manager of Member Relations of Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“At that time, when it came to salary surveys, that was suffering a lot [in Sudan]. I did not hesitate to partner with you, and I did not look for other options.”

– Mawahib Osman, General Manager for Talent Center for Human Resource Management

Our Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners include the following organizations.


Work With Our Partners

If you see a strategic partner that would be valuable for your organization, let’s talk about how we can all work together.