Community™ Jobs

Translating Mission Into Work

Community™ Jobs provides powerful insights into your organization’s capacity to execute. How you organize your job structures will ultimately determine if you have enough horsepower to do what your organization needs to do.

Understand the Building Blocks of Your Organization

Everyone wants to know their work matters and how their efforts are recognized. Community™ Jobs provides the foundation for organizing and understanding work roles across the organization.

What Community™ Jobs Can Do For You

Birches Group Community™ Jobs is a simple and transparent job evaluation approach easily understood by HR, managers and yes, even staff. We believe that job evaluation forms the fundamental underpinning of everything HR does – from compensation and recruitment to development and performance. Every area of HR is impacted by job evaluation and job levels.

Clarity of Jobs

By bringing the focus back to the purpose of the job, along with clear job evaluation standards, organizations can manage their entire workforce with efficiency and ease.

Ensuring Equity

Determining the value of work against generic measures is essential to establish equivalent worth for market alignment and to promote cross team cohesion.

Aligning Jobs to the Structure

Having clear jobs standards that guide the proper classification of roles within the organization results in the seamless management of all other areas of human resources with the same clarity and consistency.

Community™ Jobs Products and Services

Our job evaluation framework ensures a consistent and accurate evaluation of jobs using the three factors of Community™ – Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery – which are applicable to any role, in any organization. Using our simple approach, you can build an integrated, comprehensive model of work for your entire organization.

Design a Job

We help organizations create job descriptions for any role that are simple, clear, and output-based.

Evaluate a Job

Our Job Evaluation service supplements an organization’s internal capacity to manage job evaluation.

Design Your Organization

We help organizations create appropriate grading structures that align with their roles and future needs.

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