NGOs and Commercial Development Organizations

We are the leading HR consultancy supporting the International Development Sector. Over the years our team has helped NGOs and other development organizations create long-lasting change by enabling good HR management practices.

Serving a Vital Community

Working across the developing world, international development organizations provide capacity building, technical assistance and essential services in health, nutrition, food, civil rights, conservation, and a host of other program areas. You work for the global good; our mission is to help you work better.

Align HR Policies to
Your Mission

We can help you design and implement workforce management programs to define, enable and, ultimately, celebrate employees’ contributions to the overall mission of your organization.

Get Compensation Right

We understand the challenges NGO and development organizations encounter to build compensation programs that balance competitiveness while representing good value to donors.

Articulate Purpose to
Drive Results

Gain access to innovative practices in job design and evaluation, specifically tailored to the international development community, so staff understand how their role contributes to the overall mission of the organization.

How We Help NGOs and Nonprofits

Our team helps NGOs and nonprofit organizations create long-lasting change and add value. Here are just a few ways we can help you, too

Help Your Team See
Their Value

The contribution of every staff member across the organization must be clearly understood and celebrated, helping them attach value and purpose to their work to perform their best.

Think Global, Act Local

Using our extensive data on pay practices, we can help design compensation policies that are competitive and capture local social and cultural dimensions to remaining relevant and sensitive to the unique markets in which you work.

Simplify Global Mobility

Global mobility is critical and complex, and it’s also changing dramatically. We can help you update your mobility policies in ways that resonate with the modern workforce while addressing cost issues.

How Can We Help Your Organization Today?

If you’re looking for help in any of these areas, our consultants are ready to design a solution fit for you.