Community™ Performance

Finally, Performance Management That Works

Community™ Performance is a simple system that gathers multi-rater feedback from the employee, manager, and peers inside and outside the organization – aligning their expectations to the expectations of each job’s grade level – making it possible to complete an organization-wide performance review in four weeks or less.

Three Simple Questions

By recognizing achievements over a specified period using a job-based approach, you can simplify and standardize your performance management by answering just three questions:

  • Do you have good ideas? (Purpose)
  • Do you listen and adapt your ideas to your customer? (Engagement)
  • Can I count on you to deliver? (Delivery)
“The performance assessment round showed everyone that changes were to take place. We had a bottom-up approach where our regional staff became ambassadors of the change as the first ones to implement the changes. Short-term expectations were met because people were able to easily appraise themselves against the BG levels. At the medium-term, we are promoting a more synthetic and straightforward approach to job design. Long-term, this will bring us more analytical workforce capacity in terms of strategic decisions on the capacity of our job levels.”

— Jordi Cardona, Técnico Área de las Personas Cooperación, EDUCO

What Community™ Performance Can Do For You

Community™ Performance aligns performance standards to the three job evaluation factors — Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery — to create a corresponding performance value for each of the fourteen Community™ job levels.

Measure Achievement

Community™ Performance uses a simple, multi-rater approach and our three factors as a consistent set of performance standards linked to the job grade.

Integrated with Community™ Jobs

Community™ Jobs defines the criteria for job levels while Community™ Performance defines the corresponding criteria for measuring achievement at that job level.

Simple, Quick, and Intuitive

Our platform’s intuitive design uses clear performance measures that can easily be understood by everyone in the organization, from managers through staff, and even clients.

Community Performance Products and Services

Many organizations have given up on performance management. Classic approaches to performance management are too complicated, bureaucratic, and time-consuming leaving staff, management, and HR to dread the entire process. Community™ Performance management has been designed to cut through all that noise.

Community™ Performance is intuitive, and no lengthy training is required. Because our tool is so easy to use, this leads to higher participation rates among the raters and the results are more concise and meaningful. Paired with our Community™ Skills solution, Community™ Performance provides a complementary capacity to reward achievement in a given performance year.

A Better Approach: Performance
That Is Linked Back To The Job

Community™ Performance uses companion values that are linked to our Community™ Job evaluation methodology. Community™ Performance ratings are aligned towards the values of the job grade and serves as the foundation for our performance management approach. And because your ratings rest on the values of the job grade, cascading work plans are no longer necessary.

It’s Only Three Things

The same three factors used for job evaluation – Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery – can be used to measure achievement. 

  • Purpose – Does the employee have good ideas?
  • Engagement – Did they listen and adapt to customer feedback?
  • Delivery – Did they deliver on time with high levels of quality?

Community™ Performance has a structured approach to measuring achievement by linking back to the job evaluation factors.

Celebrating The Good

Achievement should be connected to reliable and satisfactory performance – celebrating the many good performers that are able to Achieve the primary purpose of their job. Instead of a five-level rating system, we have developed a four-level system where there is only one level above Achieve. This allows the majority of staff to be rewarded while still allowing exceptionally high performers to also be recognized for their achievements.

Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation

Community™ Performance is truly a multi-rater performance management tool as it captures internal and external perspectives while applying consistent performance standards that are linked to the job grade.

At Last, Effective and Easy Multi-rater Assessment

Community™ Performance empowers your organization to create a consistent, transparent framework for better talent management decisions.