Compensation and Benefits Surveys

Birches Group provides labor market information for over 150 countries around the world. Our compensation and benefits surveys cover a full range of professional and support levels, providing information that ensures a client’s pay practices are aligned with the market conditions of leading employers in each country.

Birches Group surveys are designed with developing markets in mind. Its survey methodology is distinct in that it captures range data (minimum/hiring rate to maximum/highest attainable compensation) to provide a true context of the market and depicts a more complete picture of the competitive landscape. Further, the survey reflects employer practice for a wide variety of allowances and benefits, both cash and in-kind, demonstrating nuances commonly found in these markets. And because developing markets are dynamic, every country is updated on an ongoing basis three times a year, in April, July, and October. Participants can join the survey at any time.

Multisector Surveys

Birches Group offers a multisector profile in all survey markets that brings together data from both leading public and private sector employers. In developing markets, the international public sector – embassies, development banks, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and leading NGOs – forms an important part of the local labor market. It is therefore critical to capture data from different sectors in order to form a complete picture of the competitive landscape.

NGO Surveys

In approximately 90 countries, we publish the NGO Local Pay survey, which is specifically targeted to international NGOs and commercial (for-profit) development organizations.

International Public Sector Surveys

Our International Public Sector Surveys are designed for Multilateral ​​Organizations, International Financial Institutions, Foreign Ministries, Bilateral Development Cooperation offices, and  ​International NGOs.​​ Because our surveys are designed specifically for developing markets, Birches Group provides our International Public Sector clients with key market intelligence and an understanding of the diversity of developing markets. 

NGO Global Pay Surveys

Designed for International NGOs and Commercial Development organizations. This survey captures market data for internationally recruited/expatriate employees at headquarters and employees with international conditions of service in the organization’s field locations. The survey includes market data on compensation and benefits (e.g. base salary and allowances, etc.), as well as policy and practice information covering the full range of internationally recruited/expatriate benefits and provisions (e.g. housing, child education, cost-of-living allowances, relocation, etc.). Our survey provides critical market intelligence on internationally recruited/expatriates to ensure the organization’s expatriate compensation and policies are aligned with the best practices in the global market. 

Participants can access Birches Group surveys through the following subscription options:

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