Workforce Management for International Organizations

Our founders began their HR careers in a multilateral organization.  As consultants, we have worked with international organizations like yours on compensation policy and benchmarking, general HR policy consulting, job evaluation, skills models, performance management, and much more. We understand the technical requirements and the political environment.  Let us know how we can help you.

International Organizations Have Unique Needs

Birches Group has extensive experience working with the largest international organizations around the world.

Multilateral Organizations

International organizations rely on our expertise on workforce management, policy consulting, direct engagement with governing bodies and donors, and other innovative solutions to support their different HR programs.

International Financial Institutions

Our simple and consistent approach helps international financial institutions attract and retain the top talent they need to balance the mission of the organization between portfolio returns and the overarching development mission.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Birches Group’s founders have extensive experience working in the international organization sector. We know the issues you face and we’re ready to provide the tools you need.