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Talent management and the dynamics impacting the labor market are always changing, but with expertise provided through events and workshops, in person and virtual, you can stay in the know on the latest trends and best practices.

“Joining the Compensation Management Workshop organized by the Birches Group in Addis Ababa couldn’t have come at a better time. I am equipped with what I need to support my organization to make strategic decisions in managing people and reward. I would recommend this training to all HR managers and senior management staff who make decisions related to compensation in their organizations!”

— Lillian Githuka, Regional HR Manager, Christian Aid

“I have learned a lot from the training modules and the discussions. The topics were relevant and it was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more knowledgeable with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately. I had received a lot of salary survey reports and I struggled interpreting them. It is only after taking this course that it has become clear and articulate to me. I will use the knowledge I obtained in my work and I am grateful for that to the organizer and everyone who participated in the workshop.”

— Yohana Mpagama, Head of People & Culture, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Tanzania

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Our events and workshops help HR professionals, managers, country office administration, and functional leaders better understand the market, new data, and best practices in talent management.

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Find out the latest trends and best practices from leaders at major institutions around the world as they continue to drive the industry forward.

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Meet HR and development leaders from every sector to help you stay connected to the pulse of the industry.

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See our team of consultants and experts in person to learn from the best in the business.

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Sign up to attend one of our events below. If you’re interested in our training courses, apart from our public training workshops, we can also customize a workshop for you in-person or virtually. Contact us to discuss your needs with our training specialists.

Webinar : Learn How to Evaluate Jobs Using Only Three Factors

July 19, 2023 I 9:30am – 10:30am EDT I Microsoft Teams

The concept of work has been around for thousands of years, and its fundamental nature hasn’t changed. Job evaluation does not have to be scientific or complicated. We developed a simple approach to job evaluation that captures how we all intuitively feel about work.

In this webinar, you will learn how you can achieve a compelling and consistent understanding of work using only three factors.

Job Design and Evaluation Workshop

August 30 – September 1, 2023 I Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok, Thailand

Many organizations do not have a consistent, global approach to job design.

This workshop will help global organizations design, evaluate, and organize jobs in ways that reflect the uniquely purpose-driven work that you do. Register now to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount and Combo Workshop Deal!

Compensation Management Workshop

September 4-6, 2023 I Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok, Thailand

Our Compensation Management Workshop provides the fundamentals any HR practitioner needs to manage their organization’s reward program. In our comprehensive three-day course, you will learn the basics of managing staff compensation, understanding how salary surveys are designed and how to use them, as well as creating salary structures.  Register now to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount and Combo Workshop Deal!

Webinar : Distinguishing Recognition & Reward – Learn How to Ensure Clear & Objective Talent Management Programs

September 20, 2023 I 9:30am – 10:30am EDT I Microsoft Teams

Pay for Performance is HR’s biggest epic fail! Using one approach to both recognize the individual growth of an employee in their job and to reward the fulfillment of objectives for the year simply does not work! Birches Group’s Community™ approach provides a framework for talent management that is clear, transparent, and objective. Learn more about our innovative approach that can guide your organization’s talent management policies.

Integrating Human Resources Workshop

October 23-27, 2023 I voco Bonnington Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E.

Learn the fundamentals of how to link the four critical areas of Human Resources, namely Job Evaluation, Compensation Management and Design, Skills Measurement, and Performance Management.

This course is designed to include several practical exercises that will allow participants to quickly apply their learnings. The Integrated Human Resources Workshop is built on Birches Group’s integrated HR platform – Community™. Register now to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount!

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