Unparalleled Global Reach,
Data In More Than 150 Countries

We offer the widest salary survey coverage in the world using a methodology that’s up-to-date, designed especially for developing markets.

Our Data

We survey leaders in over 150 countries with a consistent methodology tailored specifically to developing markets, giving us the most comprehensive labor market data in the world.

“The Birches Group market data had a good grasp of what was happening on the ground. This was really the driver in our decision-making process.”

— Andrew Moir, International HR Director, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Survey Locations

Birches Group salary surveys provide labor market information for over 150 countries around the world, making us the survey provider with the widest global footprint. We specialize in developing markets, covering Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. We survey labor markets of different sizes, focusing on leading employers that set market trends. Select your country in the map, choose your sector below, or click survey countries for the full list.

Survey Sectors

We offer a multisector approach in all survey markets that brings together data from both leading public and private sector employers. We also have separate surveys for NGOs and commercial (for profit) development organizations in approximately ninety countries.

Surveys That Are Evergreen

Developing markets are dynamic so we update our surveys three times a year, every April, July, and October, giving our participants the freshest data possible. And because our surveys are conducted on an ongoing basis, employers can join our surveys any time throughout the year.

Participation Is Easy

Our data-collection process is streamlined, relying on a short questionnaire and an in-depth interview to gather the necessary information. Our specialists do the job matching, ensuring consistency across all employers.

What to Use Our Data For

The most effective decisions are those made with real data, not intuitive gut feel. That’s why we have comprehensive data to help you make even the most intricate compensation and benefits decisions.

Build Salary Structures

Our survey data empowers you to benchmark positions in local markets and create salary structures tailored to the requirements in each country while still conforming to global standards.

Determine Market Competitiveness

Use our data to ensure you’re setting competitive levels to attract and retain the best talent. We can also assist in assessing internal equity issues, help develop policies to manage volatility, and work with you on expatriate policies.

Improve Employee Engagement

Competitive pay is consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of an engaged workforce. With our market data, you can be sure your team is all-in.

Let’s Get Started


We have market data available, both multisector and NGO, for over 150 countries. You can purchase access for the countries you need. To see the countries we cover, click the link below.


Our salary surveys are competitively priced. Discounts are offered for multiple country and multi-year subscriptions. Click the link below to learn more about our survey pricing options for your sector or contact our team for more details.

How To Join

Since our surveys are conducted on an ongoing basis throughout the year, there is no deadline to participate. We do, however, have cut-off dates for data submission to allow enough time for our team to process their analysis before every publication. Contact our team to learn more about our cut-off dates that can work for you.

Custom Cuts

It is often helpful to base market comparisons on a selected group of peer employers, typically sharing some important characteristics such as size, location, or sector. Custom cuts greatly facilitate the utility of survey data by enabling clients to analyze their market position against their selected peers. Contact us so we can help you create your own custom cut.

What Data Do You Need?

Speak with our consultants and experts to understand our data and how to use it for your organization today.