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See what it’s like to work with a group of highly analytical and creative individuals who like collaborating with people and are curious about what drives work in the different corners of the world.

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At Birches Group, we’re on the lookout for individuals who are naturally curious about different cultures, organizations, structures, and international development. If you enjoy approaching challenges from diverse perspectives and have a strong passion for using your unique strengths to create and innovate, then you’ll feel right at home with us. Our team is composed of people from all over the globe, making it an exciting and enriching environment where you can collaborate with individuals of various nationalities.

“I consider myself fortunate to have grown in a dynamic and innovative company, and work in a job that takes me around the world. I’ve been to thirty-three countries working for Birches Group and look forward to many more.”

— PJ Manalo, Manager – Design and Strategy

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“Although I work primarily behind the scenes, the impact of what I do—engineering Birches Group’s information models for our services—is substantial to our mission. It is in the security, simplicity, and clarity of our solutions that the quality of our work is expressed.”

— Willem Asselbergs, System Architect and Innovator – IT

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“My work helps organizations better understand the Birches Group approach. I equip team members with the knowledge, best practices, and proactive approach they need to provide excellent client care. ”

Phillip Leonardo, Team Lead – Business Development, Client Services 

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“I source and assess talent to fill Birches Group’s job roles. I’m proud to recruit people who not only have the skills but also advocate our solutions to help organizations work better.”

Beatriz Casaclang, Recruitment Services Administrator – Corporate Services

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“I manage and expand Birches Group’s relationships with more than 30 key clients, particularly non-government and commercial organizations in the development sector. I get to collaborate with and support international organizations with better HR management as they deliver humanitarian work, transform communities, and make a positive impact.”

Kamilah Grace Calaranan, Senior Account Executive – Business Development – NGO

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