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Turkiye's Hyperinflation
Iran’s Countrywide Protests and What They Mean for Employers

Iran’s countrywide protests have swelled in response to the Islamic republic’s economic stagnation. They are facing a record inflation of 42.9%

Zambia’s Debt Crisis: What You Should Know

In November 2020, Zambia became the first African nation to default on its Eurobonds during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the country’s debt distress into headlines around the world. But recent events show the country’s economic outlook has markedly improved, given renewed optimism and increased investor confidence post-elections.

Ghana’s Cost of Living Crisis: What You Need to Know

One of West Africa’s more prosperous countries has been rocked by a cost-of-living crisis. Inflation in Ghana reached 29.8% in June 2022, the highest level in two decades.

Turkiye's Hyperinflation
Turkey’s Hyperinflation and How Employers Are Weathering the Crisis

Workers are negotiating higher salaries, and employers are taking proactive steps. Here are a few examples of what employers in Turkey are doing in response to mounting inflation.

The Zimbabwe Labor Market: A Fragile Economy

Zimbabwean authorities are struggling to pull the Southeast African nation from the grip of a severe economic crisis characterized by a rapidly devaluing local currency. Trust in the Zimbabwean dollar (Zimdollar) has been low after people saw their savings depleted by hyperinflation in 2008.

Ukraine Crisis
International NGOs Respond to the Ukraine Crisis

The global humanitarian response to the crisis has been swift and dynamic. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said at least 250 local and international NGOs were helping in the aid response—a number that has more than doubled from before the war.

Strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Vital Partners, Shared Priorities: The US Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa

With the intent of the United States to reestablish ties and reinvest in Sub-Saharan Africa, employers in the region can anticipate a shift in the labor market. Monitoring the labor market early is critical for your organization to seize economic opportunities and remain competitive.

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: What You Must Know About the Current State of Affairs

The past few months have not been easy for Sri Lanka, and the condition has only worsened. The country has been facing economic, political, and social crises due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising foreign debt, and a depreciating rupee.