Job Design

Create meaningful job descriptions in three easy steps!

Job design is one of the most essential tasks in human resources, as it easily affects all other areas of HR, from job evaluation to salary benchmarking, skills measurement, and performance management. The problem is, managers are often given little guidance on how to write good job descriptions beyond templates…and that’s where we can help!

Community™ Job Design is a tool where organizations can get access to pre-populated job description templates that can be adapted further according to the role’s job level and unit.

Consistent with our Community™ approach, the objective of our Job Design Methodology is to promote a consistent approach to job design that facilitates analysis and understanding of equivalent worth across occupations at the same level.

The tool applies a straightforward approach that consists of three steps:

1. The Mission statement—this statement, at the beginning of the job description, is the most crucial as it describes why the job matters.

2. The Functional statements, organized using our three Community™ factors – Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery, are the core of the job description, providing explicit information regarding the intended functions and focus of the position.

3. And the Skills and Qualifications Profile – describes the level of generic expertise required for that role.

When designing jobs, our Community™ platform guides users step-by-step from the mission statement to the functional statements and the skills and qualifications profile. Our platform also provides users with a lexicon of verbs that will guide them in writing each functional statement to ensure that each statement is aligned with the appropriate grade.

The Community™ Job Design Module is suitable for organizations with outdated job descriptions, no job descriptions at all, or those that are looking for a simpler, clearer, and more consistent tool to craft meaningful, output-driven job descriptions. Learn more about our tool by watching our video!

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