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Birches Group wants to provide updates on the current labor market conditions in Ukraine, where the situation has been volatile.

Nearly six months under siege

Russia’s armed attacks against neighboring Ukraine show no signs of ending, and fighting intensifies after months of escalated conflict, said Rosemary Di Carlo, United Nations (UN) Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, at a UN Security Council briefing in late July. As the 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict soon enters its sixth month, attention is increasingly turning to longer-term humanitarian, recovery, reconstruction, and socio-economic impact.

The war in Ukraine has prompted a massive outpouring of support since it began on February 24. The UN and its humanitarian partners have offered aid to 12 million people. Help has come from food and livelihood assistance, protection services, mine clearance, and clean water and sanitation access. Emergency hygiene items, health care, mental health care, and shelter have also been provided to Ukrainians directly affected by the conflict.

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that nearly one-third of Ukrainians have been forced to evacuate their homes. Over 11.1 million people have fled Ukraine’s borders; within the country, over 6.6 million people remain displaced.

Global NGOs respond

The global humanitarian response to the crisis has been swift and dynamic. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said at least 250 local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were helping in the aid response—a number that has more than doubled from before the war. An ACAPS report noted that international NGOs have scaled up their humanitarian operations in and around Ukraine in recent months. They are settling in for the long haul while developing recovery and reconstruction plans.

For example, the Médecins Sans Frontières team has almost quadrupled, with more than 650 staff. Save the Children International, whose Ukraine program was one of its smallest worldwide, is now set to become one of the largest.

Although the aid response has been positive, it has not been without challenges.

Challenges facing NGOs

As the Ukraine crisis pushes on, so has the demand for people with the skills and experience to fill critical humanitarian and development roles, Devex reports. With pledges to support Ukrainians continuing to be announced, Devex also notes a steady flow of job opportunities for development professionals. Among the international NGOs actively hiring in response to the invasion are Catholic Relief Services, HelpAge International, International Medical Corps, Red Cross and Red Crescent partners, Chemonics International, and Oxfam International. Response program managers, coordinators, and directors are among the advertised positions on job boards.

Next steps for employers

NGOs and commercial development organizations seeking to expand to or scale up their activities in Ukraine will need salary survey data. Salary survey data is a vital component in recruiting and hiring new staff. It helps organizations understand the market, identify key employees and potential talent, and ultimately make better decisions. Without this data, organizations are left in the dark and are unable to identify opportunities or assess talent.

Salary survey data can be used to benchmark compensation packages against the local market and help make informed decisions about how to retain employees. Survey data can also help organizations determine an appropriate salary for current staff, as well as the market rate for positions when hiring new people.

How we can help

We at Birches Group survey leaders in over 150 countries with a consistent methodology designed for developing markets such as Ukraine. We survey labor markets of different sizes, focusing on leading employers that set market trends. Our survey data empowers you to benchmark positions in local markets and to create salary structures tailored to each country’s requirements while conforming to global standards.

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