Community™ – Jobs, Pay, Skills, and Performance, Integrated At Last

Work is what we know. Community™ is an integrated talent management approach that enables organizations to achieve their mission. Built on the foundation of jobs, our approach allows you to bridge jobs to people, link learning and development, and distinguish knowledge from results, all from a simple, powerful, and intuitive platform.

Integrated Workforce Management

HR in many organizations is now a respected partner to business leaders, and increasingly are being asked to provide strategic insights about the overall people management for the organization. Through Community™, our clients have access to an integrated solution that aligns both structure and capacity using one simple approach. It closes the gap that many systems have failed to address, bridging the hard side with the soft side of human resources.

The Community™ Platform

We built the Community™ platform to support all aspects of human resources management using clear job definitions as the start. By using three factors present in all work—Purpose, Engagement, and Delivery—across our four solution quadrants, the Community™ platform easily supports a full range of human resources activities, from job design and evaluation, labor market intelligence and compensation design, measuring growth in skills and knowledge, and rewarding achievement, using a simple, holistic framework that brings accessible, clear, and powerful talent management solutions to any organization.

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Integrated Talent Management

As countries around the world work to contain COVID-19, many companies and businesses have had to close offices and their staff told to shelter in place. During uncertain times, staff look to their employers for the security that continued employment and compensation provide. Now, more than ever, it is important…

Integrated Talent Management

Salary surveys can be expensive, so why bother paying for them every year? If you operate in developing country markets, relying on data that is outdated could be a fatal mistake. Developing markets are more dynamic and updated data is a requirement to remain competitive. Birches Group has built a…

Integrated Talent Management

Money is the not the only way to engage staff, but it's a key part of your Employment Value Proposition. To effectively attract, retain and motivate your staff, you better get the money right! But you need more. You need an effective HR infrastructure.

Align the Foundations of Your Organization

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