Compensation and Benefits Survey Report Subscription

Clients that prefer to access survey data using preformatted reports, they may choose to purchase the Report Subscription option. Their 12-month subscription provides them access to their selected survey countries via the Birches Group website. All survey releases during the year are available, on-demand, whenever they need data. Clients may choose to add multiple users at no extra cost and access is inclusive of one custom cut. ​

Custom Cuts: It is often helpful to base market comparisons on a selected group of peer employers, typically sharing some important characteristics such as size, location, or sector. Custom cuts greatly facilitate the utility of survey data by enabling clients to analyze their market position against their selected peers. One free custom cut per country has been built into the survey pricing to allow organizations to tailor their market data as a seamless process in their survey participation. Learn more about Custom Cuts.

Note: Custom cuts may not be available in every market, because a minimum of seven (7) employers is required. Clients may check with their Birches Group Account Executive for more information.

To see the complete list of survey countries or to learn more about pricing options for your sector, click the button below.