Survey Pricing for International & Government Organizations

See our salary survey pricing for international organizations and government organizations.

Community™ Market

All subscription options are per country and include a free custom cut option.

Note: All fees are expressed net of tax.  If any income tax, withholding tax, VAT or similar taxes are payable, the invoice amount will be increased (grossed-up) and taxes should be withheld from payment and remitted to the tax authorities.  This ensures full compliance with local laws and requirements.

All survey pricing is for participants (except for Single Job Profile Reports).

Non-participants are subject to a 50% surcharge.

Compensation and Benefits Surveys

Service Price Per Country
Report Subscription  
Up to 9 countries $1,750
10 or more countries $1,575
Indigo™ Subscription  
Up to 9 countries $2,000
10 to 64 countries $1,800
65 to 129 countries $1,700
130 or more countries $1,600
For Indigo contracts of three years or more,
an additional 10% discount applies to the total fees each year

Single Job Profile Report


per job