Job Evaluation Workshop Agenda

The format of the workshop anticipates four (4) 90-minute sessions spread across two (2) weeks. To allow for sufficient time in between sessions for homework assignments and review of materials, it is recommended that the sessions be held every Monday and Wednesday for two (2) weeks. Homework assignments ahead and in between workshop sessions are anticipated to be accomplished by participants.

The workshop will be delivered virtually with sessions recorded for the Client’s reference after each workshop session.

Week 1

Session 1 (Monday, 90 minutes)

  • Why are Jobs Important?
  • Setting Standards for Evaluating Jobs
  • Principles of Job Evaluation
    • Significant Difference and Equivalent Worth
  • Community™ Job Evaluation Framework
    • Factors for Evaluation
    • Job Levels
    • Job Families

Session 2 (Wednesday, 90 minutes)

  • Explaining Job Evaluations
  • Guided Group Exercises (How Jobs)

Week 2

Session 3 (Monday, 90 minutes)

  • Explaining Job Evaluations
  • Group Exercises (Why Jobs)

Session 4 (Wednesday, 90 minutes)

  • Applications for Job Evaluation
    • Job Design, Organization Design
    • Compensation Management
    • Skills and Performance