Job Design Workshop Agenda

The format of the workshop anticipates four (4) 90-minute sessions spread across two (2) weeks. To allow for sufficient time in between sessions for homework assignments and review of materials, it is recommended that the sessions be held every Monday and Wednesday for two (2) weeks. Homework assignments ahead and in between workshop sessions are anticipated to be accomplished by participants.

The workshop will be delivered virtually with sessions recorded for the Client’s reference after each workshop session.

Week 1

Session 1 (Monday, 90 minutes)

  • Why are Job Descriptions (JD) important? Job descriptions as a critical HR document
  • What makes a JD good? (Pre-work assignment; responses solicited from participants via email ahead of the session.)
  • But why are JDs usually so poor? How can JDs be improved?
  • Introduction to the Community™ methodology for evaluating and designing jobs
  • The 3 Factors that define work
  • Guided demonstration 1: Diagraming a Job Description using the 3 Factors

Homework 1: Diagram this JD. (Homework assignment to be submitted by Tuesday via email.)

Session 2 (Wednesday, 90 minutes)

  • Showcase selected JD diagrams from Homework 1
  • “How” and “Why”, the 4 clusters of work, and the 14 levels of Community™
  • Using the Job Families
  • The Community™ Job Description Format
  • The Language of Work
  • Guided demonstration 3: Re-Writing a Job Description using the Community™ approach

Homework 2: Re-write a JD. (Homework assignment to be submitted by Friday via email.)

Week 2

Session 3 (Monday, 90 minutes)

  • Showcase selected JDs from Homework 2
  • Walkthrough of a new JD for revision – a “Why” job
    • Diagraming the job
    • Evaluating the level
    • Comparing against the generic and job family standard text
  • Discussion: How can this job description be improved?

Homework 3: Re-write this JD. (Homework assignment to be submitted by Tuesday via email.)

Homework 4: Prepare to discuss “How can HR help improve JDs across the Organization?”

Session 4 (Wednesday, 90 minutes)

  • Volunteer presentation of Homework 3 re-written JD
  • Discussion: Challenges encountered in writing JDs
  • Discussion: How can HR help improve JDs across the Organization?
  • Closing: Why we must not take Job Descriptions for granted