Global Compensation Strategy Workshop Agenda

This three-day workshop is split into four (4) sessions covering the topics presented below. Participants attending this course are expected to be familiar with the fundamental concepts of job evaluation and compensation management as this course will cover advanced modules on managing broad compensation policies and programs including international/expatriate staff.

Global is both International and Local

  • Who are you? What is your global compensation brand?
  • The local and international divide – the implications of the difference

A Brief Word on Local Compensation

  • What does it mean to work in the developing world?
  • Ensuring a consistent approach to national compensation across countries
  • Managing through volatility

The Challenge of International Compensation

  • Establishing the international market proxy – who are your global comparators?
  • Expatriation – the cost and compensation of mobility
  • Is Expatriation still relevant?

The Future of Global Compensation

  • Case Study: The 100% Virtual Organization
  • Compensation in an increasingly borderless world: are you paying for the job or its location?
  • Trends to Watch