Compensation Management Workshop Agenda

The agenda is split into six (6) live sessions covering the topics presented below. Pre-work diagnostic questions are to be provided prior to the first session and an offline exercise is included after the second session.

Session 1: (live session- 2 hours)

  • The Practice of HR
  • The Value of Standards
    • Using Organization Philosophy to determine standards in setting pay
    • Your Employment Value Proposition
    • Are current policies mirroring your EVP?
  • The Purpose of Compensation
    • What needs does compensation serve
    • Cost of Living and Cost of Labor
    • How does the current compensation reflect the organization’s values?
    • Measuring the Market

Session 2: (live session-2 hours)

  • Survey Methodology- Job Matching
    • The Three Factors
    • The 14 Community Levels
    • Alignment of client’s levels to Community Levels
  • Survey Methodology- Salaries and Benefits
    • Three Reference Points (Min/MRP/Max)
    • Focusing on Total Compensation in Developing Markets

Session 3: (live session-2 hours)

  • Utilizing a Salary Survey – Data Aggregation
    • Building Your Market Proxy- What sources of data do you use and how do you use them?
    • Setting Exclusion Rules
  • Looking at the Client’s Market Positioning Perspective

o    Client data against 2-3 different market slices

o    Client: Benefits Practices in Sample Country

Session 4: (live session- 2 hours)

  • The Art of a Pay Scale
    • Variables used in Pay Scales
    • Aligning to Market / Testing the Fit
    • Balancing Salaries and Benefits with EVP
  • Building the Salary Scale & Benefits Package Design

Session 5: (live session- 2 hours)

  • Market Report Overview/Walkthrough
  • Sustaining Compensation Over Time
    • Establishing Periodicity in Maintaining/Revising Salary Scales

Session 6: (live session- 2 hours)

  •  Salary Structure Administration Special Measures
    • Managing Pay in Times of Volatility (devaluation/high inflation; etc.)
  • Truly Strategic HR/Closing