In Building Your Workforce, Everyone Matters

Everyone wants to know they matter to your organization. The Birches Group Community™ approach helps your organization recognize everyone’s contribution in a holistic way. It is anchored by a purpose-driven organizational framework starting with jobs, which drives both employee growth and achievement. We know how, let us show you.

“I’m going out to clean the pasture spring;
I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear, I may):
I sha’n’t be gone long.—You come too.” – Robert Frost

We Can Shape Your Organization

Much like a potter using their skills and expertise to create art on a potter’s wheel, we can help shape and form your workforce to achieve its purpose – its mission. Building an organization is important, but it is not easy. Structures and talent need to be shaped carefully, using purposeful tools and proven expertise, that will ultimately result to an engaged and integrated workforce.

Community™ – Our Integrated Talent Management Solution

When managers and staff are clear about the purpose of their roles, they become empowered and focused on achieving your organization’s mission. Good organizational design enables the team and creates and maintains effective team structures.

Our Community™ approach to integrated workforce management puts jobs at the foundation of HR. Jobs are the primary unit of measure that allows us to create HR standards that guide all HR functions, from compensation to recruitment, to learning and development, and performance management.

Community™ is organized around four areas of focus for human resources – JobsMarketSkills, and Performance – to support a full range of human resources management functions. Jobs and Market form the structural components of the organization – jobs and pay, while Skills and Performance define the capacity – the knowledge and capacity of individuals and the measurement of performance.

We Work with Organizations in Many Sectors

NGOs & Commercial Development Organizations

We understand the mission-driven focus and the unique challenges faced by civil societies.

Government Organizations

We help organizations tailor policies that reach the talent needed to deliver programs addressing the world’s most difficult issues.

International Organizations

We provide insights to balance the practical and political pressures modern governmental & inter-governmental institutions are facing.


We work with leading businesses to help them seize opportunities that developing markets offer while also planning for the future.

Why Work With Us?

Birches Group partners are HR leaders with decades of senior-level HR management experience in large, global organizations. We have been in your shoes and recognize the issues you face. Our deep understanding of how organizations grow and thrive has influenced the development of our unique approach and effective tools.

Integrated Workforce Management

We believe in an integrated, holistic approach to workforce management. From Jobs that link people to the mission, Market to compete and secure talent, Skills to measure the accumulation of knowledge, and Performance to measure achievement.

Compensation and Benefits Data

Our compensation surveys cover over 150 countries worldwide. We specialize in developing markets, including many smaller markets where few surveys are conducted.

Depth of Expertise

Birches Group senior leaders are experienced HR practitioners who have managed large programs in a global context. Our solutions represent decades of learning combined with our passion to push global HR practice into the 21st-century.

Read the Latest Insights

Dive into the most recent body of insights and thought leadership from our team, as well as events and workshops, to build your team’s capacity and inform your critical talent management practices.

Salary Surveys

Our experience working with high growth markets has shown us that when employers center their decisions on base salary alone, they are essentially discounting the value benefits have in that market and its possible impact on staff recruitment and retention

Salary Surveys

Survey approaches can differ greatly from one provider to the next, particularly in the information they collect, their approach to job matching, and their treatment and presentation of employer data. It is essential for HR practitioners to familiarize themselves with the kind of information that each survey provides, the methodology…

Measuring Skills

With the structure and transparency our Community™ Skills tool provides, staff discussions around these critical talent management activities can now be done with ease.

Start Building Your Workforce Today

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